BEAUTY – LUSH Let the good times roll

Are you looking for a gentle, daily, facial scrub? Let the good times roll will certainly roll out a good time for your skin. Weiterlesen


BOOKISH – How to Stop Time

What is time? Especially when you have lived for centuries? Matt Haig accomplished to write a book what made me connect with the protagonist and feel with him. It even made me cry. How? Well… Weiterlesen

BOOKISH – Mycroft Holmes and the Adventure of the Desert Wind

IMG_2025b2A new book about Sherlock Holmes‘ elder brother Mycroft? Oh, you can be certain that I have read it because of my love for the Senior Holmes brother. Author Janina Woods delivered a great pastiche story about Mycroft full of mystery and crime but let me tell you why!


BOOKISH – queers.

I was on a plane to London, waiting to take off when a friend of mine sent me a link about ‚Queers: Mark Gatiss, Jackie Clune and Brian Fillis in conversation‘ at Foyles, London. Of course, as a fan of Mark Gatiss, I was immediately drawn to attend it. It was just a few days before I would have to fly back to Austria. Listening to those three people talking about LGBT, the book and the filming of the monologues -I missed watching on BBC- was very delightful. The signing of the book, later on, was very lovely because the writers -except one- of the monologues have been there as well. It was an honour for me to meet them.
Now, two months later, I finally found time to read it.


BOOKISH – Time Travel A History

To get me back on writing reviews,  I decided to re-start with a book review!

I bought this book back in October when I was visiting Foyles in London. Time Travel has always fascinated me since I was a child what does not make it very surprising why I was drawn to a book called ‚Time Travel‘. What is it about? Is it good? Let me tell you my opinion about it! Weiterlesen

RAMBLE – The League of Gentlemen Reunion Teaser Trailer

The League of Gentlemen are back after twelve years and BBC just dropped the Trailer to three new episodes! Believe me, you do not understand how happy I am about this because it is probably my favourite comedy show.
Beware of spoilers in this short ramble about the trailer! Weiterlesen

FOOD – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh dear, oh dear. What a waste. I have not written anything for months.
The reason is that my private life is quite upside down at the moment. Anyway, I have made some Chocolate Chip cookies and decided to share the recipe with you! Weiterlesen

The Smart One!

I got featured by Sherlock Fans USA with my Mycroft Cosplay and of course, I do not want to hold the interview back from you.

Sherlock Fans USA


I’ve known Sleeping Frog for several years now, and no other fan has impressed me as much as she has when it comes to Mycroft Holmes. Her costuming the character has not only impressed fans, but Mark Gatiss himself! It’s an honor to now spotlight and interview this talented friend!


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RANDOM – Picture display Problems

Unfortunately, Photobucket decided to change their Terms over night and made 3rd party hosting of pictures a payable feature. Therefore, you currently might encounter the following picture on my blog:

Since I am not willing to pay 400 Dollar to enable it, I have to move my pictures to another file hosting website now what takes quite some time. (Thanks for nothing, Photobucket)

Until this is done and every single Image URL is replaced with a new one, I apologise for the current look of some of my Blog posts. I am slowly working on it and then start to get myself together again for more posts.

Thank you all for following me and read you soon!

Over and Out
the sleeping frog