GAMES – Detroit: Become Human

My longer absence is explained by one thing: Play Station 4. I finally got a PS4 for cheap together with a few games and spent my last weekend’s playing. However, one game has caught my full attention and soaked me into its hype and fandom.
Detroit: Become Human.

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RANDOM – How to cool down for sleep when it is too hot

Long title, short solution. However, are you too having trouble sleeping when it is far too hot outside? I am one of those people and there is one thing that helps me 90% of the time… Continue reading

BOOKISH – Making History

Imagine, Adolf Hitler was never been born. Would the world be a better place then? What if you have the possibility to change history this way? Would you take the risk of finding out what would happen? Michael Young did… Continue reading

BEAUTY – LUSH SexBomb Workshop

A second blog post and a second Lush workshop within a week? Hell, yes! My local Lush hosted two workshops to celebrate mother’s day. One being the Sunnyside bubble bar workshop yesterday, the other one being a SexBomb bath bomb workshop! Continue reading

BEAUTY – LUSH Sunnyside Workshop

Another Lush Workshop? Oh yes! This time, I attended a workshop for the ‘Sunnyside’ bubble bar at Lush Donauzentum. Lots of gold glitter and apparently, I was the only person attending! More fun for me, I suppose. Let’s go! Continue reading

CONREVIEW – Sherlocked The Event 2017

Wait a second. 2017? Well, yes. I didn’t have any time to write about it any sooner. Plus, it has been four years ago when the first Sherlocked took place in London and the last US Sherlocked Event is around the corner as well. A perfect time to take a look back to the last UK based Sherlocked.
The Sherlocked UK in Birmingham from 27.-29. October 2017! Continue reading

PHOTOGRAPHY – About cherry blossoms and bees

Don’t get me wrong. I like winter. It can be extremely picturesque but not in a big city. It is dirty, muddy and just cold without anything else.
Spring, on the other hand, is beautiful. Everything is slowly starting to wake up and so are the cherry blossoms. One of my favourite blossoms.
Before the cherry blossoms were gone again, I decided to take a little walk and was accompanied by a bunch of busy little bees… Continue reading

BEAUTY – LUSH Hair Custard

Hair… Custard? Well, yes! Smell like custard but isn’t really as edible as real custard. Even when it smells like this delicious vanilla goddess.  Instead, it’s a great product for dry hair (like mine).  How? Let me explain… Continue reading